Tuesday, 15 March 2016

camp 2016

Day 1

On the first day of camp, we had to come to school befor 8.30  my bag was so heavy it fells like i am picking up my big brother . so we got in the bus and went to el rancho when we were on the bus nikita was crying so i was trying to keep her happy. when we got to el rancho nikita was so happy that  she put her bag on and started  saying  come on harry up so. When we  got there  it was raining so we had lunch in the hall. after we went in our cabins and put everything  were it goes , we went with our cabin group  to look for shapes, then we had  nachos for after none tea . then we got to have free time .After our free time was done,  we meet in a room then we had to go to sleep at around ten I wok up at midnight because the beds are not cool and I am not use to
sleep in a bunk.

2 day   I was so tired I was like half asleep  so I went to the bathroom  to brush my teeth and my hair after that we had to do exercise  then we had breakfast  and did activity
 then we had morning tea . after morning we had to do our skit practice. then we had after  none tea and went to the beach and went to sleep and I could not sleep because I don't like sleeping in the dark and some one was turning on the lights when I was trying to go to sleep after I was half asleep a track came and woke me up after

day 3

we had break fast and the we did our last 2 to last activity and did our real skit we were the 5th group to do  our skit after that the mums and dad did this pie face game and then troy told every one a story and went to sleep some one was crying in the middle of the night but I didn't hear it and people wok up at the middle of the night but I didn't

day 4
we had breakfast and we hade to clean the bathroom when I was on the way to the bathroom  I cut my toe it was burning so I when to the  went to get a plaster we did our last 2  activity  it was the water slid and I don't know the other one then we made our lunch and went to Levin and played there and went back to russellst school.

this is me in my cabin